Tyler Rai has been utilizing somatic practices for making kin with the world around her. Through performance and movement improvisation, her research questions how we embody relational empathy with the other/more-than-human-world.

She is dedicated to interrogating her practice as it relates to settler colonialism and ongoing processes of extractive industry.

She is currently developing a body of research focused on grief and reverence for the glacial bodies of this earth. 

Her works have been performed in fields, abandoned cabins, river-edges, aboard SWALE - a barge and floating food-forest in Sunset Park, and Judson Memorial Church (NYC).

She has performed in the works of K.J.Holmes, Emily Johnson/Catalyst, Bouchra Ouizguen, Athena Kokoronis/Domestic Performance Agency, Mina Nishimura, and is the instigator of the temporal collective, Hungry Mothers (www.hungrymothers.org).

Rai received her BA from Bennington College and is a certified Tamalpa Life/Art Practitioner.